Cocoa Tree Investment With Faster Payout

CacaoInvest is available: now with distributions from second year off immediately the Bonn ForestFinance Group offers investors again the cocoa tree investment CacaoInvest. The new edition of the investments in wood – and cocoa trees allows early annual distributions: harvest of cocoa and other forest fruits investors regular cash flows already received from the second year. You thus benefit from all the advantages of forest investments, without however having to wait on distributions. Investment in agro mixed forest reduced capital: investors lease on the acquisition of CacaoInvest for a period of 25 years at least a quarter hectare Agromischforst. This area is afforested half with wood – and cocoa trees. The resulting ecosystem is a perfect symbiosis: In the shade of tropical trees, of which some very quickly produce plantains, cocoa trees grow. Regular harvesting and marketing this Agroforstprodukte leads to early distributions. While in pure forest investments capital employed, usually up to 25 years is bound, CacaoInvest investors already received regular payments from the second year.

Overall, ForestFinance predicts a return of up to 8.5 per cent (internal rate of return) per year from the marketing of organic cocoa and wood, as well as the income from the sale of seeds and CO2 certificates. Despite the economic crisis prices are paid for cocoa currently, because his growing all over the world can keep up with the demand. Due to the climatic limitation and multi-year lead times, an expansion of the global cocoa tree crops only to a minor extent is possible. The cocoa tree grows up to 20 degrees of North and South latitude, where the climate is humid low volatility since the cocoa tree can withstand no temperatures below 16 degrees due to the air conditioning only in tropical areas. He is up to twelve metres high, on cocoa plantations of cacao tree but to facilitate harvest and because of the shade needs to a maximum is trimmed five metres above sea level.

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