Ingresasr to the program means to subscribe or give us high in the same thing that is very simple because only you must, in principle, give your name and email address, create a user name and a password, for when you want to login to the Web site of the owner of the Afiliados.Una programme once belong to the program, we have the opportunity of joining our profile or our account to update it with other data that will be needed to collect our fees. The most important information in this case is our name, and our Paypal email. Sometimes they will ask us other codes, depending on the form that uses the program to pay commissions. That code can be, for example, the code for ClickBank,, etc. It is most common in be requested, Paypal information.

Remember, you only have to give your email from Paypal, never your password. When you are already a member of the program will be given a code of affiliate, also known as Link or link affiliate, which is only for your personal use. It is this link to which you should direct people to buy the product or service that you’re promoting. All sales generated through your Affiliate Link, will generate you a Commission. 5. What is a Paypal account? PayPal is a safer to pay and charge for Internet systems. To use this system an account at Paypal, must open that requires a few simple steps, when entering to the Paypal website. The system consists, basically, register in the Paypal company, the data of one or more credit cards, in such a way that when you buy not we should be giving our data to all vendors, but that Paypal takes care of generating the payment, being solely responsible for the information Paypal and credit card owner, for the information that can be handled.



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