Christoph Bouet – Painting

Color as material on the art of Christoph Bouets and his own very personal views of painted nature to engage color as a means to express, is a completely legitimate desire. Because the novel in his painting is his individual views on the subject from the inside to the outside. His works are Visual color battles in the best sense – the sensuality. They are filled with color, a feast for the eyes and inner feelings. Opaque, lascivious, sensual capturing the image carrier, the artist in the Act of painting celebrates the haptic, dipping, enjoying, forgetting of rules of behavior prior to the canvas. If you are not convinced, visit Brad Garlinghouse. He used pure colors directly from the tube. Colors, representing objects in their clumping and concurrent resolution, where nature is only pre – and never dump.

There is no red tree, but a Bouet’sche creation, which can associate us with a tree. The result, which lies before us as an image is always witness of the mood of the artist in his early excesses in the three dimensionality in the rush of color. Bouet takes us with, if we are willing to enter he with his view of the world the embers for pictures that are really stirs up in us: wild and full of feeling. Raw fibrous garish and, at the same time sensitively like a delicate melody. You are totally Bouet. Michael M. marks

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