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How do we relate to the door? Do not notice them when they are opened, swear, when they are on the contrary, do not want us to start up, but with a great pleasure to open a brand new modern doors and take a pen in disgust of the old shabby. It turns out that door still arouse in us any sense. If so, then the door should be paid a little attention. Let's say you're going to open an office. The first thing that catches your potential customer's eyes – is the door appearance which indirectly affects his perception of you, your office and your business as a whole.

The entrance door to the office to be different in design, harmonizing with the overall facade of the building (or vice versa, contrasting, depending on your goals or simply executed in the corporate identity), their functional affiliation (the door to the bank and the door to the hotel is a fundamentally different kinds of doors), durability, accessories (closers, handles, locks) and material. In the manufacture of office doors have surpassed all the Finnish master. Due to its (mostly) cold rigorous design, Finnish office doors combine all of the above shades. In addition, the Finnish doors have the best ratio price – quality, comparing favorably to those of its direct competitors (Italian). And the ease of installation (Finnish doors as fitted in the sale of furniture and holes fasteners) and standard size (height of the box – 210cm, thickness – 9 cm), corresponding to native, more tips the scales toward the choice of the Finnish manufacturer of doors. Choosing front door, fit right take care of selecting the interior.

Interior doors, as well as the input, just differ in functionality, design, etc., as input. For example, choosing a door to a bathroom, should be guided by the fact that this premise with the increased humidity (unlike, say, from the office). Installing a door is as different from installing the door to the room. In bathrooms installed ventilation exhaust duct in order to provide fresh air, between the door and the floor must remain large gaps, for example, than in the director's office, which has already installed the door with a high level of noise reduction and minimum gap. Finnish manufacturers take into account and such trifles. Finnish plumbing doors are equipped with all necessary fittings and are made in accordance with the objectives of such doors may be either hinged or sliding doors. It remains to recall that the fake door on the market abound. The Finns put the stamp of the manufacturer at each end of the door frame. Company ADV-Trade offers Finnish doors Chertanovo. Using materials reference to. required.

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