Chocolate Museum Cologne

Childhood stroke not only medically is a major challenge. Families with one affected child are highly encouraged to face this new situation. The To promote exchange of those affected and to facilitate the discussion, at the same time with specialists to childhood stroke is the main objective of this experience. Experts inform about causes of strokes in the child age, new methods of therapy and learning disabilities and other cognitive disorders. More than 4,000 visitors settled on the day of the chocolate of the CdC”from the many attractions in the Chocolate Museum Cologne delight: so the Aachen artist Brigitte Wissing transformed chocolate bars into small works of art. Also facts about the manufacture of manufacture chocolate, handmade truffles and Konigsberger Marzipan, produced over an open flame, was conveyed to interested lovers of chocolate. Also of nougat, the trend of the coming season of confectionery, the guests at the Chocolate Museum could learn a lot: nougat is there now in a variety of flavors as a light cream-nougat or with fine almond slivers. Currently in the trend: nougat with a fine tart cocoa touch.

About the CdC of the Club of the confectioners is a joint initiative of the confectionery retailer and premium supplier like for example Galeria, confectioners Hussel, Hachez, Heilemann, Lindt and Niederegger Kaufhof. The members are looking for ways to make the benefits of trade and to encourage more consumers to purchase in stores and departments. The centerpiece of the package is the seal of approval of the CdC: this should point the way in the stores consumers in the future. Highlight of each year is the opening of the confectionery season with the tag of the chocolate of the CdC.” about the Foundation German stroke help the German stroke help Foundation was founded in 1993 by Liz Mohn. Independent and public service-oriented it is devoted to its Charter mission to prevent strokes and to contribute to the improvement of care for stroke patients. You promotes the certification of stroke (stroke units) special stations and thus makes an important contribution to the quality inspection in the stroke care.

The educational and information work is supported by about 200 volunteers regional representative. Nationwide more than 450 stroke support groups are formed under the umbrella of the Foundation. More than 200,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke each year. Every three minutes a stroke occurred, all nine minutes an affected party dies.



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