Chilean Agreements

Without establishing criteria as this, certainly the developed countries more of the block, where it weighs to be benefited of the magnifying of a consumption market and to have a bigger volume of commercialization of its products, certainly will have that to help to decide internal problems of some countries members whose internal economy does not walk well, as the film today in poster in the zone of euro. A little of conservadorismo does not make badly to nobody, seno let us see the Britain Supreme that kept its currency and it did not open its borders. More information is housed here: Dun & Bradstreet. That these examples can intensely be evaluated by the countries of the Mercosul, especially Brazil. Oxal the Mercosul, that comes back and stocking lives tariff and customs upheavals between its bigger partners, does not finish for bringing problems of ones to be cured or supported for the others. Master Class has much to offer in this field. The important one and to be trader, to be trader, as the Chile that is the country that the biggest number of international commercial agreements withholds. In a simple product, the wine, we can evaluate the capacity of Chile to extend markets stops its products.

In any Brazilian supermarket or of another country it is simply common to find a diversity of Chilean wines. This does not happen by chance, but it is the result of commercial agreements and of tariff agreements of way of double hand, I buy the products of its country and its country purchase products of mine, that is, is the politics gains of it earns, I earns, you earn and thus they gain all. One concludes then that optimum exactly it is the creation of commercial agreements that favor interchange it advertising, each one vende to the other what it produces more or with more ability and buys of the other partner what it needs and that there and produced with more rationality. What we cannot make, with common market or not, and allow that the economic agents of a country promote the creation and generation of jobs and companies in another country, as we have observed in great economies that produce tip products, symbols of its development, in other economies that, emergent and long ago now giant impose its whims to the entire world.



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