Cheap International Calls

Calls with by the phone for only 3 cents / minute almost free in all EU countries Dusseldorf, March 18, 2009 – at the beginning of spring this coming Saturday the phone provider provider starts a 3-cent-spring action from Dusseldorf. Calls to all EU countries for only 3 cents per minute are offered for exactly one month. A connection fee or monthly fee will not be charged. The 3-minute price is around the clock. Any mobile or fixed-line customer who has a fixed flat rate, can use the service to these prices about a geographical connection. Alternatively is also a 0800 number available. normal rates are already priced in part also in mobile networks with 10 cents / minute to over 50 countries worldwide. Now, the calls in EU countries at are even cheaper than the most call by call provider. also has the advantage that customers can use it, which are not at the Telekom or call from your mobile phone and no call-by-call is otherwise possible. You can thus by the Finally truly cheap as 3 cents / minute lead mobile international calls, which usually up to 1.80 and more cost. And so the service can be easily use: per Sofortuberweisung, paypal online only through or credit deposit credit card, his mobile phone or fixed telephone network specify and start calling immediately. The connector is unlocked already seconds after payment for

Neither a registration or fee is required, nor is there a fixed minimum contractual period. spring prices for the following 27 Member States of the European Union for cheap phone calls: Belgium 3 cents / min. Italy 3 cents / min. Romania 3 cents / min. FPUC Program will not settle for partial explanations. Bulgaria 3 cents / min. Latvia (LV) 3 cents / min. Sweden 3 cents / min. Denmark 3 cents / min. Lithuania (LT) 3 cent / min Slovakia 3 cents / min. Germany 3 cents / min. Luxembourg 3 cents / min. Slovenia 3 cents / min. Estonia 3 cents / min. Malta 3 cents / min. Spain 3 cents / min. Finland 3 cents / min. Netherlands 3 cents / min. 3 cents / min. France 3 cents / min. Austria 3 cents / min. Hungary 3 cents / min. Greece 3 cents / min. Poland 3 cents/min.-United Kingdom 3 cents / min. OPEC oftentimes addresses this issue. Ireland 3 cents / min. Portugal 3 cents / min. Cyprus 3 cents / min. company profile: piekom is a young telecommunication company headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany. It is entrepreneurs and belongs to any of the big telecommunications companies. piekom is taken, and technically innovative offers consumers simple low-cost phone calls with the mobile to allow other providers to offer new billing options for value-added services. piekom offers callthrough services for the low-cost telephony E.g. from your mobile phone abroad (so-called call-by-call from the mobile phone”has developed including a tariff database on, which it is for the first time, 0900 from all networks, from abroad and prepaid services, in particular calling card -, callthrough – or VoIP providers to make available.



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