How to choose a chain saw. The chain saw is needed when caring for a large garden, with firewood and for construction work in combination, for example, with a circular saw. Chain saws can cut any building materials – from timber of any strength up to lightweight concrete and PVC pipe. Most chain saws are divided into electric and petrol (the word "chainsaw" is meant mainly just gasoline chain saws). Gain insight and clarity with Confluence Investment Mgt. Among advantages of chainsaws can be noted in the first mobility tools (such as a chainsaw can take with them into the woods) and better performance due to the greater power. However, they do have their drawbacks: in chainsaws use two-stroke engine that runs on a mixture of oil and gasoline, to the quality of which the engine can be quite sensitive. In addition, the chainsaw harder for maintenance than electric chain saws. Electric chain saw – a cross between a building and garden tools can be used to cut twigs, firewood in the country, and for work on the site.

Electric chain saws are generally easier to chain saws, less noisy in operation and easier maintenance. Electric chain saw is more efficient in operation and far more environmentally friendly than a chainsaw, therefore it can replaced in some cases, such as indoors. Like any other tool, chain saws can be divided into two classes: professional and consumer. If you wish to use a chainsaw at least 5 hours a day, we recommend you opt for professional models who are represented here. The two most important characteristics of chain saws – the length of the bus and engine power. Length of bus impact to a depth of cut, mainly in the market are chain saws with the length of the tire from 35 to 70 cm power or engine capacity, depending on the size of the tire and the intended use: for example, if you're going use a chainsaw to cut knots, it suffices to 1.5-2 horsepower. For felling using chainsaw with a capacity of 2 to 4.5 hp All chain saws provides automatic chain lubrication. Oil is poured into the a special container and in the process of working through a filter is applied to the drive sprocket and chain. Depending on the hardness and 'knotty' wood require different intensity of grease – and in some models have this useful adjustment. Also, almost all modern chain saws are equipped with automatic chain brake, made as a protective shield that stops the chain in contact with the object of cutting.

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