Center Market

The ifo Institute for economic research has recently announced that the business climate index remained in may unchanged on the high level of 108.6 points. With sustainable economic recovery, which we observe at the moment, new growth – who want to be but also funded opportunities just for the middle class. Long time are financed only large companies on the capital market. The Ranft at the time placed a dividend rights issue with a volume of 15 million private investors with success real estate group in Creglingen (Baden-Wurttemberg). The German companies and the German economy currently show up in best condition.

The barometer is in May despite high oil prices, the strong euro and the VAT increase on just below the record level of December 2006. With sustainable economic recovery new growth opportunities for the middle class. In the financing of these opportunities, small and medium-sized enterprises often have problems: your credit lines are usually exhausted, free Collateral usually no longer exists. Financing in the capital market remained a long time reserved only large companies. The Ranft real estate group in Creglingen (Baden-Wurttemberg) shows how there is another way: was the supplier of own investment product and gave himself so unceremoniously even the access to the capital market and investment and growth capital.

The German real estate market offers at present huge opportunities and potentials”, so Michael Ranft, Director of Raaz real estate group. Used mainly by foreign investors, because German companies often lack the necessary capital for investment. This was going to change Ranft and managed to bridge the gap between real estate and capital markets. His choice fell on the issue of participatory rights. Due to various design options, the interests of the emission company and the investors can be considered optimal. Local presence and regional reference, an easy to use business model, as low as possible Fees and a realistic expectation of return had the concept of participation as well as in the Center like a balanced risk diversification. The manageable minimum investment aimed at a broad audience access to the professional market. The southern German family company with over ten years old tradition in the development of the project of new building and stock with a focus on housing for senior citizens is aware of the importance of investor capital. With the capital of investors we can utilize the current market opportunities.” This would like to thank the investors according to Ranft. 85% of the profits are allocated as dividends. “Maintain investor confidence in the over-the-counter market, is an interesting equity in addition to an attractive investment product story and of course much initiative required”, explains lawyer Bjorn Katzorke by Dr. Werner, Dr. Gundel & Collegen Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH Gottingen. Entrepreneurs need to understand investor as a partner, then “automatically a win-win situation”, so the finance expert who supports medium-sized enterprises on their way to the capital market. With their successful emission, the Ranft real estate group follows the example of the Bochum-based meat and charcuterie manufacturers ZIMBO, which garnered a 15 million through a bond from private investors within just a few weeks. Also the Emsdettener Haustechnik TECE GmbH company is financed extremely successful over the issue of participatory rights. Michael Ranft joins in the chain of entrepreneurs, which put on alternative financing strategies for your company. You all a purpose: growth independent of banks.



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