Centennial Nationalism

Nationalism plastic performed by: eng. Juan Salvador Pineda Sanchez 9JER7 very much in fashion at the time of the bicentennial of independence and Centennial of the revolution the term nationalist but what is really being nationalism?, very emaciated and deformed the term this 2010. More is a publicity ardil than anything else. Being nationalist is very simple but it seems that we have trouble working. Being nationalist is not put the green shirt when playing the Mexican national team, not feel proud when they sing the cielito lindo elsewhere, does not boast of victories of Mexicans featured in any discipline, nationalism is not bought nor proclaims every September 15, with trumpets and Fireworks is not an edible, nationalism is not in the tacosthe chiles en nogada, isn’t in the traditions, not that found in the altars of the dead on November 2 or tequila and mariachi, is more being a true nationalist Mexican is easy only requires two things real, love your community and develop yourself fully, the merely work constant and dedicated in the encomienda that is designated is already being nationalist, each person contributes differently to the country, doing your job with honesty and humility is already being a Mexican of value, the true nationalist has understood that national holidays are hubbub just a tradition of joyful and pachanguera idiosyncrasy that we share most of the inhabitants of this great people. It should one feel proud of the heroes who gave us Fatherland and demonstrate with facts how much we appreciate their sacrifices that in the majority of cases of were life itself. Being nationalist is proud of the people that makes day to day development of our community, enjoy the efforts of each of us every day, which most shout viva Mexico the night of the cry of independence do not the Mexican, the true essence of nationalism is to help our community, all working in this town. How many times you ever stopped to think about the hard work of the worker? From the way in which many in this country come to front?, honest work and dedicated is the only way in which this country will go forward made and performed by true patriots who lead a common life, so I ask that we leave aside nationalism media practices, only do our activities with affectionIf you’re a teacher teaches well, if you’re a craftsman do it with love, if these factory get with care and dedication, only in this way and this way our country this great nation which we must be proud will come out of its lethargy and will it fill up of people who loves her and respects her..



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