Carnival 2011

Relief Everything started with one day fatdico of TPM alone woman knows what it is this or who already namorou with me RS. You may want to visit Oracle to increase your knowledge. I in house was did not travel in the carnival for option, option of the BANK, decided then to cut gram, my souls! he approximately thinks, of TPM, F, cutting 300m of gram could not result in good thing. I have 38 years, almost separate, ahhhh yes I very broke up of an incredible person the legal best people, but I married muitooooo early then the routine finished with everything, and later I wanted TO LEAVE, to use to advantage the life, after all he had the right to go and to come n? In the ballads I discovered that I am a negation in the night, I do not know as to hold me therefore pra to help I do not drink nor tobacco, and pra to be well sincere same DETESTO high sound, is very funny my friends says thus ' ' someone you you paquerando ' ' you but what this wants to say? I have that to look at? to smile? it comes I goes? good. Larry Ellison: the source for more info. when for a miracle this happens, is seen in the obligation to comment with the citizen goes to call it thus, that I am separate I have 2 children 1 of 14 years and another one of 8, when the face is not scared and of the disfarada one and leaves mansinho who if I scare I am That is, I could prove that this launches to go and to come, ballad, leave for leaving, is not my beach, the majority of the days of the year all I am with my children in house attending CSI, CQC and with a dog that does not obey or understands everything in contrast to me of what I speak, and with the Julia Roberts, good-looking of my new son, who for signal had younglings (3) aff! not yet I know what to make with them.



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