Carl Rogers

These mixing surgeries also can be chamadasde biliopancretica derivation, and are used in the most serious cases mrbida deobesidade. The BOARDING CENTERED IN the PERSON the Fenomenolgica Boarding created for Carl Rogers temcomo central hypothesis, the belief of that the individuals possess inside of sivastos resources for the autocompreenso and modification of seusautoconceitos, its attitudes and its independent behavior. These resources can be activated if houverum climate of facilitadoras psychological attitudes, such as: authenticity, empatia and unconditional acceptance. Authenticity, sincerity oucongruncia – How much more the therapist will be he himself in the relation with the other, the more to puderremover the professional or personal barriers, bigger the probability of that ocliente moves and grows in constructive way. Living the feelings openly eatitudes that flow at that moment, the therapist if makes ' ' transparente' ' for ocliente. (ROGERS, 1977, P. 106.). Unconditional acceptance – When the therapist esttendo a positive, accepting attitude, in relation what it wants that clienteseja at that moment, the probability to occur a therapeutical movement ouuma change increases.

(ROGERS, 1977, p.175). Emptica understanding – the therapist catches compreciso the personal feelings and meanings that the customer is living ecomunica this understanding to the customer (ROGERS, 1977, p.179). When better form is emsua, the therapist can so deeply enter in the internal world docliente that it becomes capable to not only clarify the meaning of what ocliente it is conscientious as well as of what daconscincia meets below of the level. This type of active and sensible listening extremely in is rare nossasvidas. If the people are accepted and considered, them they tend to adesenvolver an attitude of bigger consideration in relation same itself. When aspessoas is heard in emptico way, this makes possible maiscuidadosamente to hear the flow to them of its internal experiences. To the measure that one pessoacompreende and considers its I, this if congruente with suasprprias experiences becomes more.



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