Campbell National Park

The impressive rainforest vegetation and many huge trees are well-developed hiking trails. 5 stage: Apollo Bay According to Princetown (65 km), this small town is known for the many feathered inhabitants (Shearwater), preferred in this coastal region have their nests. Combipix Note: fill up in Apollo Bay. If you still have before dinner, drive back to Melbourne, Combipix advises you to soak up the Bay in Apollo! Later smaller village stations have closed, you could get otherwise bigger problems! 6th stage: Princetown to port Campbell National Park (30 km) 12 Apostles: you have reached the goal of day trips. A well constructed parking, crowds tourists constantly landing and launching helicopter hint at, what to get out of the street itself can not see. Gain insight and clarity with Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

You have reached the site of the twelve apostles. Your car can free turn and the well-developed footpath up to the observation decks. Combipix Photo Note: Please remember, that in the evening the sun sets behind the 12 Apostles goes down! That is, that their personal photos very dark can there against the Sun need to photograph! With skilful handling with your camera, you can record of rock formations naturally beautiful sunset photos! For pictures of people with the 12 Apostles in the background lunchtime is the best but the tomorrow. Loch ARD: You should join now still not return to Melbourne. Drive direction Warnambool back on the Great Ocean Road.

After a 2-3 minutes drive do you have left to drive the way additional parking. Here it is to marvel at the rock formation “English bridge” as well as “Loch Ard”. Stage 7: Return to Melbourne Combipix advises you not to choose two variants for the return journey: 1) No. go: to drive the entire Great Ocean Road back. 2.) no go: the 70 km to Warnambool continue to drive, then on the Princess Highway back to Melbourne to drive (unless you want late-night still fill up). Combipix advises you to go in the direction of Cobden in Port Campbell. The road is in port direction Cobden Campbell is not easy to find. Should you have found your way but, you save much time and many kilometres. Attention deer crossing: in this region are evening / night koalas, Wombats, kangaroos, and rabbits on the road. Photo instructions for this tour at a glance: Torquay: Beach shots of waves and surfers. Torquay: Start of the Great Ocean Road (wooden gate) Anglesia: kangaroos on the Golf Great Ocean Road: drive switchbacks and observation decks. to Apollo Bay: Cape Patton’s and Mariner’s Lookout tank stop Apollo Bay! Otway National Park: wildlife, dunes, beaches Otway National Park: Lighthouse by car drive at Melba gully State Park: Rainforest vegetation Princetown: bird’s nests in the wall (Shearwater). Port Campbell National Park: 12 Apostles + Loch ARD (observe the sunset!) Country road about Cobden: different forest photos + hinterland photos. _ All specifications in this description are subject to change! The photo agency Combipix advises anyone Travel agencies consult Australia travellers to get a detailed travel guide, to let, as well as to make dependent on handouts, that each tourist information on-site plans of current card ready.

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