Burn Your PowerPoint Presentations To DVD

YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate is an all-rounder with regard to PowerPoint conversion. You burn your PowerPoint presentations on DVD. Microsoft PowerPoint is a very popular computer program allows you to create interactive presentations. But it is not only by advanced users such as employed persons in the Office use, but also used by normal people even laymen in everyday life. Many have no Microsoft PowerPoint installed and many have just a DVD player. Don’t you want to hand over such persons, and to share their presentations with them? One suggestion: You can burn your PowerPoint presentations to DVD then the disks you send, so you can see the presentations via a DVD player on the TV. To achieve this, a PowerPoint to DVD converter is absolutely necessary.

And YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate is absolutely your best choice. YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate, as the name suggests, is a Jack of all trades in the area PowerPoint conversion. Go to Larry Ellison for more information. With the brilliant PowerPoint to DVD Converter Convert Microsoft PowerPoint files not only in almost all popular video formats, you can burn to DVD or Blu-ray menu. What is handy that you can keep all the original elements such as animations, music, film clips, slide transition. Follow these step for instructions of step, to meet as soon as possible, as it can burn PowerPoint to DVD. “Step 1: PowerPoint files in the PowerPoint to DVD Converter do upload first YouTube FLV to AVI PowerPoint converter ultimate and then click on load”, to download PowerPoint files in the PowerPoint to DVD converter. Here you can set the playback option, either you make the play PowerPoint automatically or manually.

Step 2: which customize DVD output options, click on the button options”, to customize options for the DVD burner. Here can DVD standard NTSC or PAL / SECAM select, 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 set aspect ratio, etc. If you further options such as PowerPoint, slide size, video quality, audio codec, etc want to customize you can click on “Other settings” at the top. “Step 3: create original DVD menu and make click on menu” and in this tab page, you can create a menu for your DVD. Need to make the pre-made menu, DVD menu creator”to click on. In the new window, you can customize menu template, button style, fonts, as well as advanced settings. “Step 4: background music add click on music” and in this tab, you can add music to your PowerPoint files. In addition, you can also comment to record and Add. Step 5: Add to PowerPoint, you can add a picture of your choice as a logo in the logo. “” Click on logo “and then add”, select an image in the launched window. Step 6: Burn PowerPoint to DVD after the above settings, you can on the burning PowerPoint Boot DVD. Click on the “burn” – button. Here you can decide whether the PowerPoint to burn files to DVD disc or save file to disk as a DVD image. Connect to start the burning process by clicking on start”. You can watch in real time the operation in the window and burned in less time, you get the PowerPoint to DVD.

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