Brown Stones

Add that to enhance the vitality and energy concentration to its blue tones, they can wear the yellow stones – amber, citrine. Dark blue – the color of the artists. You may wish to learn more. If so, baby clothes is the place to go. Fans of dark blue, as a rule, it is easy to achieve success, its purpose and wealth. They love life, energetic, love children. In life, as well as on stage, they feel the actors and so very fond recognition. If the work they love and pleasure, they succeed. Love travel, often play the role of conductor. Their stones – blue, but the aspirations, or for relaxation they need white stones.

Fans of the blue can choose their own stones of the same tones, and blue – lapis lazuli, sapphire – not bad, and white coral to emphasize femininity. Brown Brown characterized by balance, thoroughness, orderliness of their actions, craving for knowledge. They prefer the solitude and tranquility. Their is extreme, endurance, frugality. Fans love the brown tones of power and tend to her, they stand firmly and soundly on their feet. As a rule, they do not produce a brilliant impression on others, but at a difficult moment for They can rely on and 'go with them to explore.

" In active love and devote her time. Many have pondered the issues of peace and quite afraid to lose control of himself. With great perseverance to pursue their objectives, regardless of what those goals. Brown – the color of mature age and mature decisions. Lovely jasper brown shades and agate – their loyal aides in the implementation of their quality.

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