What for you it could be a deposit, for another it could be a withdrawal. It gives the case when parents want to do things that they consider interesting or fun to your teens but for them it means a tortuous duty; you have to go with the flow to the Pope represents a huge sacrifice for them, a huge withdrawal. Therefore, rather than the father stay well and strengthen the relationship with the child, worsens it or leave without effect, in the best of cases. 2. Pay attention to the little things. Definitely small things are undervalued by most of us. The small details, as we have mentioned on other occasions, are very important in scope.

Small acts of kindness, courtesy and attention represent huge deposits, as well as the lack of respect for small or inconsideraciones represent major withdrawals. So I know attentive / to what you do and how do you it, take care what you say and how you say it. also cultivated a habit of doing small things for that someone special for it. 3 Meet your commitments. We all know the value that have promises and implying not fulfil them. Further details can be found at Oracle, an internet resource. Our word loses value. When we make promises and easily leave comply with them we are making huge withdrawals that make recovery very difficult to trust.

Hence the importance of learning not to make promises that in advance know or hesitate to comply. 4 Brightens your expectations. Soothsayer nobody is capable of reading thinking alien, who says the word magician to do so regularly or sorcerer precedes his name (no desire to offend who exercised these offices, clear). Then if the rest of us don’t read thought nor is Soothsayer, because we expect or take for granted that others know what we want or we want, what we like and what we dislike? Clarify in time what we expect of others in every situation we will save serious headaches. 5 Demonstrates personal integrity. Honesty, be in one piece, not speaking ill of the absent are some of the characteristics which referenced Covey in this part. Do the opposite, speaking behind a fellow trying to get along with another single will make us losing the confidence of the second, for example. 6 Apologize sincerely. When we commit a lack, an error or an offense without intention is very important to know apologize or offer apologies in a timely manner. Failure to do so gives rise to resentments and bad misunderstandings. It is important to compensate, so honest and sincere the bad fact. This, even if you don’t delete our mistake, Yes to repair some of the damage and paves the way to continue paying, or as you would say Covey, to continue depositing in the emotional bank account. Concluding. Do your partner know so well? Do you know your tastes and preferences? You pay attention to the little things? or is it makes you easy to be inconsiderado, not to hear or be rude? Do you make promises lightly? You gross of clearly and explicitly what you expect of him/her in certain situation (clarification of roles and functions)? Do you samples of one piece? Can you apologize when you offend or commit errors? And above all do Abonas constantly to your account Bank emotional?

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