Fried foods provide more calories than the boiled or roasted. Prepare milkshakes or smoothies milk with ice cream or cream and/or fruit. Incorporate cheese cream, fresh, or buttery in preparations such as pudding, souffle, stuffed pasta, cannelloni, lasagna, ravioli, tarts, pies, pizzas, calzones, omelet. Add eggs in preparations like soups, puddings, scrambled, sauces. And then cook well. Add chopped hard-boiled egg to meat, pastas, pizzas and sandwiches. Add whole milk powder to the fluid milk and the milkshakes (1 tablespoon per cup of milk) incorporate beef, chicken, fish or (well cooked) viscera in puddings, sauces, stews, soups, cakes, empanadas stuffed. Prepare soups and stews with pulses (beans, chickpeas, lentils).

Some guidelines to keep in mind if your child has poor appetite: do not turn on the TV during lunch and dinner, this form will prevent to be distracted and be paid a little more than attention to the food. You will see some entertaining program next to him once the food, and thus gradually achieve go incorporating the habit, if still not have it, eating when MOM instructed. Not be allowed to consume foods outside the schedules of main meals, i.e., preferably try it do not ingest any food, as pecking half an hour before lunch or dinner. Not take the Breadmaker to the table, at least until the moment in which the family dishes are served. Do not give drinks before and during meals, since it decreases appetite, producing satiety. If your child did not want to have lunch, and after half an hour asks you a yogurt or a postrecito, try to play with him to hang out, and explain that they will wait until snack time, to drink the milk.

So come to the night with more appetite, and the next day probably won’t spend the hour lunch. If your child is 6 months old or more, and it has already begun with his ablactacion or incorporation of foods that differ from the milk, it is very important to remember that until 2 years is an infant, and his power base will be breast milk or milk of cow adapted to every age. Therefore, from 6 months to 2 years, food will be part of one of the most important processes of learning and play at the same time. You will begin to know textures and flavors. And it is essential that this process be live with affection, with family, and lots of patience. From 2 years, on the other hand, the child must already have acquired the habit of eating in family, his portion served by their fathers, and here is where you can implement different strategies if observed lack of appetite or thinness.



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