Brazilian Institute

The spite of this, we consider that he would be erroneous to attribute the victory of the neoliberal candidacy in 1989, only to the manipulation of the electoral process. In ours to understand, this victory is a pointer of that we attend a process? ampler and more complex of what the proper electoral process? of constitution of a new bourgeois supremacy in Brazil: the hegemony of the conceptions and the proposals neoliberal politics. A marcante neoliberal fact blunted since its electoral campaign, when it gained notoriety in the press of ' ' Hunter of Marajs' ' , due to adoption of contrary measures to the alagoanos employees, when then, governor of that state. Financial Planning Network Inc. describes an additional similar source. As FRANCESCHINI (2003), main trunfo that it took Collor to the Presidency of the Republic, to the 41 years of age was the emptiness politician and the bankruptcy of the partisan institutions to the end of the New call Republic. Its popularity grew immersed in a broth of culture formed for the popular disillusion with the classroom politics.

The conditions were ideal for the sprouting of a new name, one personage who represented the modern and could be shown to the electorate as an entirely different option of that she had been cogitated until then. With its victory in the ballot boxes, he assumed a country with an inflation that arrived the house of eighty percent at the month. In its first day of government, Collor announced its plan of combat to the inflation (known as Collor Plan): I confiscate provisory for eighteen months of current accounts, financial savings and applications that exceeded fifty a thousand cruises (substituting the new Cruzado for the return of the cruise as national currency), causing perplexity in all country. Other measures had been taken during its government, as: the freezing of prices and wages; the end of subsidies and tax incentives; the launching of the National Program of Desestatizao; the extinguishing of some agencies of the government, between them: Institute of the Sugar and the Alcohol, Brazilian Institute of the Coffee, Supervision of the Development of the Center-West, Department National of Workmanships against Seca (DNOCS).



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