Brazil Inflation

Editor’s Note: An officer of the IMF sees Peru as the economy number one in Latin America, when the world shows Brazil in that post. (A valuable related resource: Paul Daversa). Here the reasons, and a recommendation of a very strong, in an excellent context company, and that it will soon debut in bag. They can send me your comments to: the second lowest rate of global inflation is in Latin America Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 13, 2008 the rise in international prices of food and energy inflation makes one increasingly major concern to Governments. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Paul Daversa by clicking through. Inflation, a ghost who was believed extinct in the Decade of the 90s, returned to re-emerge with force around the world. Why is having a low inflation rate appears as a highly valued item.

Precisely, in relation to this, one of the countries of the region was in the month of April, the second country in the world with the lowest inflation, according to IMF data. And this country is Peru. Peru, with a rate of retail inflation which in April reached to 0.15%, has a rate of inflation of 5.52%. It is certainly not a low rate, but in the present context if it is not. Peru is going through a good moment in its economy. In the opinion of the executive director of the IMF, Javier Silva Ruete, Peru is becoming one of the most robust economies of Latin America: in the region, Peru is number one, because it has the lowest inflation, exports continue to grow, also has a scale positive current account and a balance-of-payment positive.

The Peruvian economy continues to grow strong. In February grew 11.92% and the market analysts increased their growth expectations for this year up to 8%. Although Peru grows strong and has inflation under control, still maintains an outstanding debt and with the reduction of the poverty level. Own first lady acknowledged, two weeks ago, that despite the economic growth, poverty in the country has not diminished.



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