Brazil Culture

The mestization was one of the forms that the elites had found of ‘ ‘ branquear’ ‘ the body and the culture in the territory. The mestizos if had used to advantage of this phenomenon to search the freedom and to occupy positions that before were at the hands of whites. The more clear, most accepted socially. Darcy (Ribeiro) defends the one notion ‘ ‘ people novo’ ‘ been born in the majority of the countries of the resulted Latin America of the processes of ‘ ‘ desindianizao’ ‘ of the indian, ‘ ‘ desafricanizao’ ‘ of the black and ‘ ‘ deseuropereizao’ ‘ of European (1995: 20). A country of mestizos, which are not equal its one another etnia or ascendants. (Adlia Maria Miglieviche Ribeiro P. 7) Another form of resistance was to join superior classrooms, or to occupy administrative and military positions. The War of Paraguay used in its enslaved rows and some official mulatos.

In Pernambuco, Pedroso commander, medium brown officer, promoted a revolt in 1823. To Brazil, beyond Bantos and Sudaneses they had come some islamizados Jews that had caused fidget sufficiently. Pernambuco, a province that for the great number of blacks and mediums brown, feared to become new Haiti, disorganized its economy when the English law forbade to the traffic of slaves in the half it century. The slaves had become scarce what he encareceu the cost of the man power and demanded the act of contract of wage-earners harming the profits you. The situation if aggravated with the abolition of the slavery, that did not give black to the nothing more than the freedom. In the Hinterland, Manuel says Leather strap of Andrade, was developed extensive cattle it, although some humid regions where if it developed agriculture and devices for the local consumption. In these ‘ ‘ osis’ ‘ the slavery was implanted in lesser scale.

The freedom that the isolation it provided to the poor blacks, mestizos and whites chance to ascend socially. They had dominated indians cariris and the ones that had run away from the coast whose women, assimilated for these groups, had left marks in the culture and biotipo of the place that, according to Leather strap, would have been slow in relation to the coast, for the isolation, and here a civilization would have appeared of the leather, with well characteristic cultural and technological characteristics, traces of Portuguese medievalismo and customs of indians and blacks. CONCLUSION: The slavery was one of the worse chapters of history human being, millions of Africans had been brought for Brazil and had supported the colonial economy and of the empire. The blacks had elaborated diverse forms of resistance and with the abolition they had been excluded from the society, used as cheap man power in short while better conditions that in the time of the slavery. The black contribution for the economy and the culture of Pernambuco and the hinterland in particular cannot be subestimada.



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