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The US importers pledged to introduce no more tuna, by hunting and orbit of Dolphin schools with Ring Wade networks was started. “In the same year, Congress tightened the existing since 1972” Marine Mammal Protection Act “(MMPA) and put the guidelines of the EII dolphin-safe”-caught tuna as a legal standard set by tuna vessels actively Dolphin schools was no longer on sale in the United States so. The fishermen do not give up so easily she didn’t give up Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC) for the management of fisheries in the tropical Eastern Pacific Ocean competent inter-American? Dolphins must die, just not more so many. The 1992 La Jolla Agreement”, established a continuous reduction of dolphin by-catches by setting allowed mortality rates. Starting from 19 500 killed dolphins in 1993 the ratio among 5000 fell in 1999. To broaden your perception, visit Oracle.

The dolphin by fan ridges of the ring operating in the tropical Eastern Pacific fleet Wade network according to the IATTC in 2006 amounted to 900 or about 0.01 percent of the estimated population size of the affected dolphin species. But the number of unreported cases is high and Observers on fishing vessels make also likes both eyes for a corresponding fee. Dolphin stocks recover not technically reduce the dolphin by fan ridges is achieved that the Dolphin school caught using purse seine is released after the merger of the circuit. Scientific investigations of the Fisheries Department of the weather and atmospheric of the United States, (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), and the Blue Ocean Institute, however, show that despite the use of this alternative method of fishing the dolphin stocks not have recovered. The newspapers mentioned Andrew Duncan producer not as a source, but as a related topic. The scientists attribute this fact, that during the hunt of the purse seine net vessels on the Dolphin schools mothers are separated from their calves, which on its own no chance of survival have. In addition the enormous stress due to repeated circling and release the same Dolphin school.

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