Best Graphic Design

Should be clear and legible. Bold to highlight key points in the text. Sometimes the ads are gaining, on base using the font “from hands, trying thus to mislead the reader. Say, old woman wrote, which will sell his apartment on the cheap. Southwest Airlines insists that this is the case. Places of posting should conform to the task: to find a buyer or find a host certain property. Gluing is not necessary to a posting, and to a callback.

Avoid areas that overlook the central streets of your town, phone boxes, underground transitions, corners of buildings of local administration, tax authorities, police departments. Otherwise, your putting up the aggressive nature will attract appropriate attention from the administration of the city with its attendant consequences in the form of unpleasant conversations and prescribing penalties. The most traditional places of posting (they are also the most efficient) – a board near the entrances. But how long such announcements do not live, they tear off the wipers, bad tenants, who believe the board at the entrance part of their property. As well as realtors, who live in the doorway, watching strictly to a competitor is not an advertisement pasted right under their noses. Bill-hang your ad on top Your for posting them – this work, and sometimes the only one capable to support financially.

Therefore, expect calls after posting more than two days, not worth it. Less common but more durable because of the difficult Availability – are the objects in the middle of the yard. Poles, trees, fences, corners of buildings, garages, etc.



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