Banking Performance

Since then I am not going to be me who occupies cheapen the performance of banking user associations who currently the nullity of the swap contract. Unfortunate banking product of rabid litigation today for a year to this part. Now well, I intend to present lines clarify my personal position, as we say lawyers, except criterion better founded in law. And in this respect, no doubt not albergo: demand better individually. A few days ago recorded a video (click here to see), which sought to clarify certain aspects related to this type of contract, insofar as possible, giving certain brush strokes to the action being brought in the alleged invalidity. In it allowed me to reflect, of luck who understood positive that our political leaders opened an investigation for the purpose of clarifying if existed oligopolistic practices in the placement of these products, since in very short space of time were sold around 200,000 contracts for not less than 14 banking institutions; which when it gives less to think about. I had not had the opportunity to meet a few days earlier statements by the Minister of economy, Mrs Salgado, who defended the legality of these products as your subscription was voluntary, and that in any case the courts would correct misinformation about hiring situations.

Without disdain of the independence of the judiciary, which is beyond any doubt, such statements are a warning to sailors in all rule. And if what is intended with a collective demand is the generic condemnation of this banking practice, the reader knows that apparently seen, albergo serious doubts about its benevolence. I know that I disagree with many colleagues, but my focus is very different. I think that the wrench to get the annulment is not issue legal disquisition, but pure and simple test. It is demonstrated that each client suffered deficiencies in its statement regarding the product acquired, reason by which did so without due knowledge of the facts. And that obligatory (now more than ever) evidentiary deployment, there is no doubt, remains absolutely vedado when said individual interest is incardina in a collective demand for nullification of swaps.



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