Banking Institutions

The banking institutions had offered 57 a thousand vacant more than. Of this total of contracted, 20,346 workers had up to 24 years and 9,945 between 25 and 39 years, second Research of Banking Job, developed for the DIEESE – Intersyndical Department of Statistics and Socioeconmicos Studies and for the Contraf – National Confederation of the Workers of the Financial Branch. All these numbers alone show and confirm the preference of the banks for new, since it contemplates 72%. This chance that the financial institutions have given youth, with average wage between R$ 2,534, 52 and R$ 1,833, 35 has made possible that they very carry through early its dreams as of the proper house, car, marriage, among others. The vacant have fond with benefits as lesser day, health in the work, incentive, graduation and more qualification.

The majority of the contracted ones was for the clerk function, with 34.454 admitted. Later, they had come the agents, assistants and assistant administrative, adding 6,200, after that the controlling with 3.992 e, finally the professionals of commercialization and consultoria of banking institutions, registering 3,230 admissions. But for the director position the number was well below, with the act of contract of 266 executives, in the last year. Already how much to the wages of clerks of banking services, he was on average in R$ 1,319, 19, whereas the operators of telemarketing had received on average, in the passed year, R$ 1.031. The function of admitted supervisors had as remuneration R$ 5,019, 79 and of controlling R$ 6,187, 49. Of the 57,540 admitted in the passed year, in the banking segment, 24,247 had complete superior course, whereas 20,487 have incomplete.

But 619 contracted possess inferior escolaridade to complete average education. How much to the profile, almost it tied up to the number of contracted of the feminine and masculine sex. 29,047 men, receiving on average R$ 2,534 had been, 52, and 28,403 women, with R$ 1,833, 35.O year of 2010 was very good for segment, that was responsible for 1,12% of the jobs generated of all the areas. 2011 come on account with a great expectation of growth of the number of jobs in the banking sector of the growth of the activity of the sector, with increase of the credit, mainly for the consumption and purchase of property, beyond sales of insurances and providence, as well as for the increase of the tax of interests. If you if interested for acting in this segment, even though look the vacant in classified of jobs in Jundia or in vestibules and the sites of the Internet that announce chances or register in cadastre resumes gratuitously.



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