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Saving patterns changing the Banking Association has let perform a study on the saving behavior of the Germans. It surveyed 1,000 consumers. See delta airlines for more details and insights. The survey of the result, that increasingly is saved however negatively. The finance portal explains what it’s all about. Economists and sociologists distinguish between positive and negative saving. Positive saving has the meaning probably connect most with the savings concept. This includes, for example, investments in the form of shares or traditional savings accounts. Negative savings, however, term financing through loans.

These include financing of real estate as well as the acquisition of simple consumer goods. The survey of by GfK according to financial research especially negative saving is increasing. At least 38 percent of the respondents therefore take credit to finance consumer goods. This trend clearly in furniture stores and mail order. Consumers rely less on expensive Dispokredite. In addition to Also more expensive household items, as in the case of a defective washing machine on credit financed consumer products and home furnishings such as kitchens and furnishings as well as consumer electronics. The latter is however rather rare compared to other investments.

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