Bank Initiative

For two days (6 and 7 May 2009) the practical CRM seminar was conducted in its edition of May 2009, in the Grand Suites of the city of Bogota. They were two days of intense work, fully dedicated to working on practical topics of CRM. From the strategic and conceptual framework of CRM, until the development of practical exercises to define elements in the 4 pillars of the strategy of CRM; business processes, organizational culture, data and tools. With the participation of 24 participants from the following companies in Colombia: Bank of Bogota school Colombian of engineering Julio Garavito Groove Media Technologies Havells Sylvania of Colombia Kelloggs of Colombia S.A. multidimensional S.A.

Mind of Colombia foresee S.A. Proquinal S.A. Sanford Colombia S.A. Sodexho Pass of Colombia S.A. Solla S.A. Sphera Marketing Network Vansolix S.A. The seminar workshop was developed in accordance with the general programme, which included the following elements: 1.

conducted a self-assessment of how the organization is currently tackling a CRM strategy (would it be successful?, or better not try, or if it might work, but would have to change several issues), or if you are performing it, how does really? If you go on the right path? 2 Built a SWOT analysis of the Organization to deal with a proposal of CRM. How can I enhance the strengths of the Organization to better advantage of a CRM initiative and how to neutralize the threats and weaknesses presented?. If I am already in a process of CRM, how to analyze these elements to significantly improve the results of the initiative? 3 Development of the contents of a detailed work plan based on the 4 pillars of the CRM to minimize the risks of an initiative of centralization in the client and to organize the implementation of the strategy in a logical and coherent way. This is not a matter of technology.



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