Bank And Loans

The scheme of the first and most common, since the bank no risk: C Ever since you have the consent of the bank and determined the amount owed on the loan at a certain date, you are a notary sign a preliminary agreement with the buyer to your home. Buyer pay the amount you owe on the loan by transferring funds to the account of the credit institution (in the contract is the mortgagee). Loan repaid, you get your hands on a mortgage from a bank and a paper on no to her credit debt. And within a specified time in the preliminary contract go to the registration service and register: the removal of encumbrances to sell apartments, transfer of ownership rent and mortgage sale agreement. If the existing difference between the amount of debt on the loan and the price of the apartment, the money laid on the day of the transaction in any bank deposit box. Terms of Access, which will be be a registered contract of sale thereof apartment.

Some banks sometimes require a copy (sometimes notarized) certificate of ownership of the apartment to the buyer. The scheme of the second – the bank's consent is obtained, and apartment put up for sale. The buyer brings the money to pay off the loan in a bank deposit box, and the difference of the agreed purchase price of housing is laid in another deposit box at the usual conditions of purchase and sale of the apartment. After that, the bank provides the registration service notification that the loan repaid, the mortgage passes, and there is the usual sign of the transaction and transfer of rights described in the first scheme.

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