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If the Bank simply terminates the account in the future there will be a right for every EU citizen to have a bank account. But currently the German law does not stipulates such a right to a bank account, there is only a voluntary commitment the banks to provide a checking account also not solvent citizens. Everyone knows that everyday life without a checking account is not to manage. It is quite simply not more so much cash paid for us, no matter whether rent, power or phone – without bank account will make it difficult. But what if the Bank has terminated the account easily? Is that even legal? Law on current account soon throughout the EU? Throughout Europe approximately 30 million people that are older than 18 years old, no own account have in 2013. Affected are in a vicious circle, because without a checking account, there is no contract. Often, even the work or the payment of salary to an account is bound.

There remains only to specify bank details by relatives or friends. Affected people often don’t even have the possibility of goods in the Internet shopping and are therefore dependent on the local offer. But everyone knows that it often overpays according to place of residence, in this case. The disadvantages are so apparent and it is long overdue to enforce the right to a bank account across Europe. Many people think that there is the right to a bank account in Germany. But that’s not entirely true. Currently, there is only a commitment of some banks and savings banks, to set up a checking account each customer, without regular income. It is possible for example at Postbank then only under certain conditions.

A checking account is then usually on a prepaid basis, there is no an overdraft for example then. That should change soon, EU wide there are currently proposals to introduce a general right to a bank account, which is also free. Already, there are many banks that offer a free basic account. It happens not so often, but theoretically banks can simply cancel a checking account. What is the situation then legally? The Bank is allowed Cancel account? Recently, the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe had decided that banks may terminate the account without giving any reason its customers. The occasion was the lawsuit of classified as right book publishing, which Commerzbank had cancelled the account. Fearing the loss of image, the fewest banks without weighty reason be but sure do. However, most money houses reserves the termination a clause in their terms and conditions. Theoretically, the Bank can even terminate the clients because he is not lucrative enough for the financial institution. But actually this happens especially when gross violations, as if the overdraft is repaid constantly covered and not. Even the insult and insult by employees at a branch should have led to the repeal of the business relationship. Allowed banks to get rid of indebted customers? If a customer is bankrupt, the Bank may terminate the account him for this reason. She points Banking and capital market law and Association. The existing current account in a seizure protection account must be converted in this case, customers actually have a legal claim. However, it remains only a seizure-safe basic allowance currently 1028 monthly.

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