Tradition and roots go hand in hand with the openness to modern requirements. Originated from a farm in the family over the years expanded its capacity to produce its high-quality food and distribute. The result of the refurbishment is a modern glass’ noodle factory, the insight into the production grants and an appealing store, in which regional specialities are offered. The factory was in the year 2005 by the Baden-Wurttemberg Ministry of food and rural areas with a predicate for glass production”award. The passion that looks into their own products, it is reflected in the diversity of the offered pasta specialties, ranging from Frischei pasta of spelt-Frischei noodles to pasta without egg. “The whole of B are a special delicacy ‘ special Frischei noodles”.

The pasta dishes with fine aromatic herbs and spices to be refined here. Looks but now stands for more than just noodles. So the fine round Sauces specialities the offer. A life for the noodle, selected, finest ingredients with much passion. The commitment to the family is constantly to expand the offered variety. With new combinations, new products and other fine ingredients, create new creations and serves customers with new variations. All the information around to look and you will find the online shop on the Internet under: are visitors and interested parties at the noodle factory looks always welcome. Like inaugurates proprietor Brigitte looks you in the secrets of pasta making a.

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