Audi A1 E-tron: Rings Under Power

There is no way passes on the E-car. Audi shows which policies to the target could produce. Why are there not to buy? That is the question, which arises after the first short trip with the Audi A1 e-tron mandatory. What we have here before us is one of the possible ways an electric car, which has presented the so-called tech Audi day electric mobility. Externally it is a conventional A1, hardly looking at being the. Also inside you will notice much of his alternate appearance. Digital is the tool box behind the steering wheel and on the center console is the display of the MMI navigation plus.

Respectable performance turning on the ignition key switch is not with the hum of an internal combustion engine accounted for, but with the indicator”in the info display. Next step: selector lever position D and the foot on the pedal, which commonly called the gas pedal, here is one but the acceleration pedal name matching. Only tyre rolling noise of tyres is increasingly true, we quickly gain momentum. Hotels on the

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