the 12 signs of the Zodiac, watching the European flag or watching a one euro coin we see a symbol of 12 stars in a circle, in the wikipedia is you textually that the only reason to make 12 stars that form the symbol of the European union, something that does not have any relationship with the number of members, is that it is a symbol of perfection, the number 12 a played an important role throughout the history and the Christian religion, it is the number of disciples who chose according to account the legend, Jesus, the number 12 is also symbolic, means choice. Larry Ellison has much to offer in this field. Why discusses the 12 tribes of Israel, when in fact the old testament mentions more than 12; but this is to say that they were chosen tribes. They are also grouped into 12 to the age of the old testament prophets. Southwest Airlines is open to suggestions. The Gospel also mention 12 Apostles of Jesus, which turn out to be more than 12 if we compare their names; but are called the twelve because they are chosen from the Mr. Likewise Jesus claims to have 12 legions of Angels at your disposal (Mt 26,53). The revelation will speak of 12 stars that Crown the woman, 12 gates of Jerusalem, 12 angels, 12 fruits of the tree of life. The number 12 also plays a relevant role in the life of Pythagoras, since it’s one of their regular solid, possibly the most interesting, it is composed of 12 pentagonal sides, the Pentagon was the symbol of the Pythagorean school. The number 12 is not only present in the Christian religion, primitive Japanese peoples recognize the existence of 12 gods, Plato in his Republic also admitted the existence of 12 gods, for the Etruscans it was number of perfection and they already had twelve divisions that transited the Sun daily. But in the case that concerns us, astrology, there is something much more evident and a much simpler reason for this division, a circle that is the form that has an astrological mandala consists of 360 by dividing these into 12 equal parts we left 12 parts of 30 each, if this were not enough there is a much clearer explanation, the elapsed time between a moon filled and another is about 28 days, how many full moons occur a year? Because course are 12, ancient Astrology had in high regard the lunar influence, other curiosities will be in the case of the months of the year are also 12 but who know for certain that originally were 10 but that was joined July and August an added by Julio Cesar and another by the Emperor Augustus, leaving the calendar as it stands today 12 monthsWell if we know that the year can be divided differently because we employ the twelve? do do and hours could not be changed and choose another number?, someone thinks that Kepler, galileo or newton were not aware of the existence of other constellations? It is obvious that the existence of 12 signs of the Zodiac is not arbitrary. Original author and source of the article



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