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This situation occurs in the first place because entrepreneurs are not engaged in the business. They were too lazy to define their mission, their talents and abilities, and began business in the direction to which they have no soul lies. Read more about it you can read the article "Creating a business (part 3). Why choose a favorite thing. " And secondly, such grief entrepreneurs expect the prospects and profitability of their businesses, using only their logical thinking.

But! Logical thinking can only speculate with facts in its possession at the moment. Our minds can not see what will happen tomorrow or the day after, as will our business as customers respond to our product, which will demand, etc. And besides, if we consider that before you did not have experience in creating a business, you can make your own business plan based only on their fantasies, more than that. Even if you think that a win-win deal, it only seems that way to you. If you could talk to people who have long engaged in such business, they would probably tell you another story. That is, you do not have the experience, knowledge of the market, dating, a large supply of money. And with all this pulling down luggage you are trying to organize a profitable business using only his logical thinking. What do you think you have something happen? Of course not. You are just wasting their life savings, completely disappointed in the possibility of establishing a business, and the result will be back in mercenary work.



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