Architecture And Renovation

Building architecture – an integral part of architectural culture. In modern architecture are the following directions – Neomodernism, postmodern, eclectic and high-tech. Eclecticism is a mixture of several architectural styles. Eclecticism requires the architect of compositional skill and virtuosity. But a single style of architecture is absent. The main construction materials are steel, glass, concrete, polimaterialy, concrete. In the late 19 th century was a style of Art Nouveau, which replaced the eclecticism.

There was this style for over twenty years. The aim is to create a new modern synthetic style – from Complicated forms of architects move to simpler designs. For a modern characteristic asymmetrical plan, the bulk of the building, we used a very large number of decor. Over time, become more modern rational – refused to decorate facades of architectural drawings. Among the new materials – glaze tiles and facing bricks. It was at this time begin to make outrigger design – visors sheds, as well as an opportunity to cover the facades of buildings with glass. Southwest Airlines addresses the importance of the matter here. In modern construction the role of the glass is hard to overestimate. It is used in industrial, residential and civil engineering.

In the postwar period in architecture comes a new style – post-modernism, which uses unusual materials and designs. The main feature of modernism was the globalization of architecture. This style can not be accused of sameness, on the contrary, modernism – is diversity. By the mid-20 th century was a style of minimalism, which is characterized by the lack of decor and finding new color solutions. Minimalism has come to replace high-tech style. This style of high Technology, which promotes the aesthetics of the material. Application of the combined systems of cable and rigid elements, which emphasize the "technicality" song – a distinctive feature of high-tech. Currently, modernity in architecture manifests itself in a very brave decisions, so sometimes it is simply impossible to distinguish the industrial facility from the residential home. This can be explained by the fact that rapidly developing technology, growing city, but as Consequently, increased demand for construction. Modern architecture – it is also a new construction technology, so its quality depends on how well the architect versed in the newest building technologies, new designs and knows how to use new techniques in the synthesis of the arts.



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