April Banks

The number falls as the risk of the operation diminishes. With this reduction, spread reached the level lowest since June of 2008, before the crisis. With lower interests, the rhythm of concession of credit was retaken, with release of a total of R$ 155,7 billion in the month, that it represents growth of 26,1% in the comparison with February (that had little working days). The daily average of concessions also increased, reaching R$ 7,079 billion in the month passed, high of 3,2% on the average of R$ 6,860 billion February. Exactly having retaken of the rhythm of concessions, the BC works with the hypothesis of growth of the wallet of credit in 14% this year, distant of what it occurred in the passed year, when the expansion was of 25%. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue.

The balance of operations of credit of the financial system, including free and directed resources, added R$ 1.241 trillion, in the end of March, high of 1% on February. The value represented 42.5% of Produto Interno Bruto (PIB), the most raised index since the beginning of the historical series, in July of 1999.As public financial institutions has decisive participation in the expansion of offers of credit. Of September, the federal banks had the March expanded its wallets in 18,3%, while the foreign private banks 3.5% had grown and the national private banks had registered 1,5%. expansion Although the improvement of the numbers for loans of physical people, the financings for the companies, the scene contiua complicated. In March, the daily average of new credits went up 5.3% in relation the February, for R$ 4,589 billion. But the volume still is 10.1% minor who of December. According to BC, the insolvency of the companies reached 2.6% in March, the highest level since April of 2007, what he would be ‘ ‘ segurando’ ‘ it offers of credit for legal people. In the physical people, the tax followed contrary trend and oscillated for low, of 8,4% for 8,3%. What it remains in them is to twist so that the Ivone is handle with ‘ ‘ mouth in botija’ ‘ that the mood of the banks as for the legal people improves in April.



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