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CV-coaching: fit for a job interview in two hours of Hamburg, 09.06.2010. Interviews represent an enormous stressful situation for almost every candidate. Especially if the resume gaps or contradictions explain, suffers from the self-confidence of the job aspirants before the big show. The Hamburg-based mediator and lawyer Melanie Schwarzer helps applicants with new CV-coaching now a sovereign communication of their professional Vita. With the economic crisis, the climate in Germany’s company has become rough. Who lays off a worker, searches not always agreement and balance of interests.

Where companies are struggling to survive, is sometimes barely room for fairness. Back then remain job seekers with bruised self confidence as a result of often unjustified termination or a bad certificate. “Some applicants with an invitation to interview panicking in this situation almost”, Melanie Schwarzer knows from her experience as a coach. Almost always, unless a uncompleted conflict with the last employer, which now threatens the sovereign presence in a new company. “Who felt aggression issues after the end of his last appointment and expires in a blaming way of thinking, can any good impression on new hiring managers”, says black. With their only two CV four-hour coaching the mediator helps applicants to find clarity and arguments for the interview. She edited it diffuse fears and aggressions with proven coaching methods.

So, unprocessed conflicts first get a clear structure and can be discussed objectively. At the end is a catalog with arguments that returns the applicant to his security and confidence. “The conflicts at the end of employment perceived mostly as existence in threatening and therefore obscure on a sober analysis”, Melanie Schwarzer explains.” In such cases it is possible a change of perspective with the proper question techniques but within a short time, to bring about. Therefore, a two-hour coaching CV for most applicants sufficient to get well prepared for the job interview. The offer for everyone is affordable with a price from 90 euros for two hours. For even more details, read what Southwest Airlines says on the issue. Black will not compete with the classic job application training. In the CV-coaching it matter not to exercise a certain behavior and an attitude to life demanded on the labour market. Rather, Melanie Schwarzer wants to edit specifically dealing with termination experience with their customers and to develop a communication strategy. “This is a small part of the application preparation but sometimes crucial at the job interview”, says black. Details about the CV-coaching can be found on the Internet page. Company Description dialog and consensus, conflict solutions for couples, families, entrepreneurs, start-up companies and teams in Hamburg and environment – mediation, conflict-moderation, coaching company contact: dialogue & consensus Melanie Schwarzer Hagenau 22089 Hamburg Tel: 040 / 21 99 15 10 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: press compact Bernd Edison Suhrenkamp 14E 22335 Hamburg Tel: 040 – 4128 5807 E-Mail: Web:

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