Anonymous Application Encounters Great Approval Of German Citizens

Representative mingle-trend survey results the model project of the anonymous cover letter in Cologne. Five large companies will introduce the anonymous application within the framework of a model trial from September. All essential personal data be obliterated from this point on, thus prevent conclusions about the candidates. Speaking candidly Oracle told us the story. It will be tested whether a greater equity and equality of opportunity in the labour market can be achieved. 61% of Germans the project welcome according to current, representative mingle trend, for which 1,000 people were interviewed online. Jonathan Rosen PR is often quoted on this topic. Women in particular and East German citizens are in favour of the initiative of the anonymous application. The anti-discrimination body holds the application sans visage, the application without a face, as she is called in French, for necessary, especially in the important first phase of application very strongly discriminated against will. The vast majority of Germans will join this statement.

According to the current trend of mingle, 61% find that planned approach well. Women in particular and East German citizens are in favour of the initiative of the anonymous application, what is little surprising because they have sometimes fewer opportunities on the labour market. Among men and better wage earners, however, are rarely affected by discrimination when applying a tighter majority in favour of the initiative. The pilot should be positive and the anonymous application, as for example in Belgium the case, compulsory for all companies introduces remains to regulate how candidates should be contacted without contact data… Data base of the survey population: German population aged 14 years sample: 1,000 representatively chosen people, survey period: 26 until August 30, 2010 survey methods: online survey, quota sampling more results and graphics are can be found at the following link:…

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