Andreas Tall:

StarAcademy Director and sales coach Andreas tall interview Dusseldorf June 2011. What makes an effective sales organization? And what training concepts really create the basis for long-term sales success? Andreas tall, StarAcademy Manager and nationwide, a sought-after sales coach, provides answers to these questions with his 19 years of industry experience. In a recent interview, Andreas tall outlined what lays the groundwork for sales success and how to keep motivated his employees and himself to maximum performance. The free journalist Thorsten B. Schmidt led the interview with Andreas tall. Mr.

Andreas tall, break new ground in the education and training of its staff and launched the in-house StarAcademy in life. What are the objectives with the StarAcademy and how do you achieve these goals? Andreas tall: with the StarAcademy, we pursue two objectives. First of all, we want to make sure that our own business are optimally prepared partner on client care. And that includes more than just an accurate Knowledge of our products the learning strategy for the negotiation, establishing real advice and last but not least the complex field of personality development is equally important. We accomplish this with a modular training program, the at the fit for business “seminar begins and extends up to individual coaching for executives. Secondly we have set ourselves the objective, in the medium term to establish the StarAcademy who expect excellence from their sales and marketing employees as a model for other companies.

Here we are on a good path, as shown in the feedback of our customers. You, Mr. Andreas tall, not only as a manager of the StarAcademy in use, but will take over as external sales coach training responsibility for other companies of Andreas tall: that’s absolutely right. Currently, I am working with a hand-picked team for companies in various industries in advisory and apprentice function and financial services are just one of the many this way Industries we serve.

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