The analysis of the thought of Lukcs brings innumerable implications that send in them to the recognition of some premises that we consider elementary for its understanding. The first one is the controversial character of its workmanship, in function of the proper trajectory politics and ideological from this thinker, what it has taken much studious a consideraes that, for times, they run away to the really scientific character of that all research lacks. Criticized for many, understood for few, Lukcs it offers a production of great complexity, caused for some moments of ruptures and redirecionamentos that had marked its life, as much politics how much intelectual.1 Therefore, we judge that a reflection would be necessary on the set of its workmanship, with intention to establish a possible line of connection in its system theoretician-metodolgico. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. However, a boarding of this nature is not far from easy task. We know of the difficulties that a so complex analysis would imply for a mestrado dissertao of. For another one side, we also know of the risks which a superficial analysis could taking in them. Thus, we believe that optimum way would be to leave of the understanding of those basic concepts that compose its posthumous workmanship, For a ontologia of social being, 2 that, although its controversial character, in understanding of the majority of the researchers, is the one that better synthecizes its thought.



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