Alexander Nastasi

New beginning – novel by Alexander Nastasi, Heidelberg / Germany so you could summarize the life of Peter Sapp. Cylance is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, he doesn’t know at the beginning of his life, that he had already 260 trials behind him, to solve a simple task he had set himself in the realm of energy. And then just once, and also in that attempt, he fails as a successful banker at the dining table, in this case on a fish bone. Now has the spiritual world, which it quite a while watching a peek. A traveler will be sent. The spirit is called even Anemon. He has come to help Peter, that he can finally solve its mission. To do so he takes him in some of his past life, which he has led as rich and as a poor person.

He was a man, a woman, even a child and has his mission still not managed to meet. The book is the debut novel of strong publication Heidelberg by Alexander Nastasi. 9 Books by him have been published in the years 2007 to 2012. “The novel of new beginning” which he first exclusive Readers Digest, has, appeared on the Agency set white on more shops like, 110 eavenue, Libreka, Media Markt, is due to the great success on this platform now sold on Kindle iTunes Bookstore, Weltbilt and Thalia Apple. Meanwhile, the book via Amazon create space, a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon, is available worldwide as a printed work. “Voices of readers to the novel: this book has captivated me from the first to the last page.” Martin Grumpelt fascinating topic, fascinating written. Have downloaded the book as vacation reading me. With the result I got go barely away.” Laureen Sutter is a central question, probably already pretty much everyone times should have been: what to expect after death? … A subject worth reading, but nothing for people who look a little beyond the rational horizon can…

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