Air Conditioning

Installations for the air conditioning of swimming pools are intended to maintain the water temperature of the vessel within the proper limits for the bathroom, getting thus extending the period of use of the swimming pool beyond the summer season. Systems for the air conditioning of swimming pools more employees today are pumps heat, air conditioning through solar panels, thermal blankets or rugs termicasy dehumidifiers.The air conditioning of swimming pools with prominence of the Sun energy is the most ecological solution. Solar energy is collected through collectors and used to heat the pool water. The air conditioning using solar panels can be used as support for another type of air conditioning in order to reduce costs.According to the regulation of thermal installations in buildings, the energy requirements for air conditioning of swimming pools should come between 30 and 70% of solar energy. The coverage of a pool through the use of blankets thermal lead up to 50% savings on the costs of air conditioning. In indoor pools the humidity that causes evaporation of water favors the proliferation of mold and mildew.

The dehumidifiers regulates this moisture generated in the interior of our pool cover in order to obtain a better indoor air quality. Dehumidifiers for swimming pools, in addition to regulating moisture, can produce the heating of the air.The heat exchangers are suitable for heating by boilers, traditional heating pumps or solar energy, and are responsible for transferring the heat from where it is generated until the water in the pool. Electric heaters used in the heating of the water are indicated in spas and small installations that require little energy to maintain the temperature of the water. The complementary technical instruction of the RITE, refers to the acondiciomamiento of swimming pools in his ITE 10.2 article. Conditioning of swimming pools.According to ITE 10.2, the use of energy conventional for the air conditioning of swimming pools is only permitted in indoor swimming pools. On the other hand, in outdoor pools only may be used sources of residual energies or freely available, such as solar energy, air, water or land. You can not use electrical energy in support of earlier sources.



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