AEAT Registration

The past 3 December adopted the Royal Decree Law 13/2010 that, among others, introduced certain measures to expedite the process in the formation of companies, reduce the obligations of advertising and cut costs, by changing some articles of the recent Ley de Sociedades de capital. For its part the BOE’s December 11, 2010 published model statutes to be used to accommodate the rapid Constitution regime according to the established in the Royal Decree Law 13/2010. Planned for micro seeks to expedite the process in the Constitution of such companies subject to compliance with certain parameters, which are listed below, with the purpose of winning in business competitiveness. The characteristics that must meet the limited liability companies to accommodate this accelerated Constitution regime are:-can be constituted by one or several partners – the Constitution society will take place via telematics – partners can not be legal persons – the Board of Directors is a sole administrator, multiple administrators with supportive faculties or two administrators with joint faculties. As tariffs notary and registration is set a fixed rate of 60 euros for the notary and 40 to the Registrar, the publication in the BORME being exempt from payment of fees. In practice simply go to the notary with the necessary antecedents, who prompts negative certification of designation to the Central Register, which shall be issued via telematics within a day. The notary shall grant the deed of incorporation within the same day on which it receives the requested certification and forward it via telematics to the register who shall qualify it and register it within a period of 7 hours, issuing certification Electronics, without additional cost, attesting the correct registration of the society as well as the registration of the appointment of administrators, and notifying the AEAT registration. It is the own notary who requested telematically to the AEAT provisional NIF, and the AEAT who received notification of registration, notifies the definitive nature of the NIF.



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