Advertising Costs

As a result, reducing the cost of advertising and information support, the company has gain very little, but it overlaps the source of potential revenue. Judge for yourself. Ron O’Hanley: the source for more info. The number of potential clients now, undoubtedly, decreased, but they have not disappeared entirely. Anyway, people need housing: Who is changing, sells, buys, someone wants to invest in real estate free money, part took a wait – the monitor market and watching the development of events. Cease to advertise – this means to stop giving information about your projects and services, which means that you no need to call even that reduce the number of customers who remained on the market. Topics Thus the company actually refuses to and from the possible sales.

In the worst case loss of the company from the information field may suggest that she did not survive the crisis, and collapsed. This is equivalent to as if Would you shut the window, when the room is stuffy – so valuable the air from the room without going outside. Although clear to all that air through the window from the street walked into the room. In my opinion, it's unconstructive position. Much reasonable to consider how better to promote the facilities and services in a crisis. Cost optimization of the second variant of Conduct – a rational response: to try to increase its presence in the information space, or at least keep it at the same level in order to capture the remaining customers. Interestingly, the presence can enhance the information even while staying within the previous budget.



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