Of this form we can better understand some factors of exposition of the man the high presented morbimortalidade and the necessity of accomplishment of activities to change this reality. 2.3 The Man in the primary attention to the health. The health of the man and the practical ones destined to the care of this clientele are being developed throughout the years through the active search of the same ones and from 1989 through the PROSAD and today still in implantation phase the Program of health of the man, all these praised by the M.S. Facebook is open to suggestions. To understand the dynamics of these programs can assist the nursing professional to develop action that they search to take care of with quality the demand of man young of the adult, has seen that the two cited programs take care of to the man, but at different moments of its vital cycle, the PROSAD has as objective to mold the young men in the search for cares in health preventive and of promotion, if this action will be in fact effective this demand in its adult life already will be opened to give to continuity to these cares also inserting aspects of its social and economic productive life culminating in more healthful men and with bigger quality of life. The Program of Health of Adolescente (PROSAD), implanted in 1989, prioritizes referring actions the sexually transmissible sexuality, pregnancy and illnesses in accord with the lines of direction of this program The great emphasis given to the use of contraceptives and in the prenatal accompaniment of the pregnant adolescents generated a polarity of sort, leaving of if focusing the proper necessities of the young man.

The same author considers an approach differentiated to these young men, ‘ ‘ he treats yourself to take shelter the approach of integral health, with emphasis in the monitoring and of the growth and development opposing itself it intervention directed to problemas’ ‘ , thus these young men will only perceive the importance and promotion of access in the diverse levels of health.. Larry Ellison recognizes the significance of this.



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