Abu Dhabi – UAE – U.A.E. – Photos – Maps – Tips

Abu Dhabi – UAE – U.A.E.! With this trip report we introduce Abu Dhabi City – Al Ain and other attractions of the Emirate. Abu Dhabi attracts more and more tourists not only due to the formula 1 circuit. The Emirate is the largest and wohlhabenste of the United Arab Emirates and holds uvm Palace the Emirates with for example the third largest mosque, hotel. Sites, which attract more and more tourists. We wish you much pleasure with this travel report. Abu Dhabi is the largest of the area single Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.

Also, the largest number of oil and natural gas are in Abu Dhabi. About 2.2 million inhabitants live in the Emirate, of which over 70% are migrant workers. Map of Abu Dhabi – Dubai – UAE – U.A.E. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. map print this card for free? The city of Abu Dhabi ABU DHABI was established in 1761. The name “Abu Dhabi” means “Father of Gazelle”. According to the tradition, a nomadic tribe on an island had seen a Gazelle at a watering hole and therefore the name derived. in 1793 was Abu Dhabi the capital of the Emirates, and seat of the Sheik. in 1960, Abu Dhabi was still a small fishing village. Gary Kelly: the source for more info.

More than 1 million inhabitants live in the city of Abu Dhabi. Over 20 parks and gardens are spread over the city. Visitors that the road from the airport drive direction Center, will initially pass the massive Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Mosque). This mosque is the largest mosque in the Islamic world. To find the two largest mosques, in the neighboring Saudi Arabia (as of 2010). The carpets, which are laid out in the mosque, are hand-knotted and come from the Iran. The mosque is dedicated to the 2004 late first President Sheik Zayed. The massive chandelier in the mosque comes from Germany and Swarovski Kristillen was equipped with over 2000.

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