A Fateful Step Of Christianity To Catholicism

The most important thing is that originating from that Christians then were followers of Jesus, the Christ, because they incorporated the teachings of this great spirit, who is our Redeemer, to his way of thinking and living. Yet they weren’t perfect, but they were already on their way to do this, to put into practice daily the legitimacies Jesus de Nazareth had taught. They did a ritual dinner, but ate together and remembered to do Jesus de Nazareth, who was that had brought them such teaching. At lunch they were present that God’s spirit is in food and had respect for life that is in everything. Nor a rite of baptism they carried out but rather simply hosting to other people in his circle.

Everything was very simple, more simple and genial that thing of it made after the Church. In the New Testament, in the words of Jesus, the Christ, nothing is said about dogmas. Therefore, it would be interesting to know where come these really. The Church began with this in its Councils, saying: now is worth this dogma, and later, that other. And so a dogma led to the other.

The last was the ascent in body of Mary into heaven, announced in 1950. As it is precisely a dogma, a Catholic has to believe in it. If it does not, it will be a heretic and will have to go to eternal hell. This also belongs to the truths of faith, which are obligatory to believe. This frightens people and intimidate them is. Jesus said absolutely nothing of all that, nor taught similar content spoke at all dogmas. Therefore dogmas are creeds of ecclesial faith but by no means legitimacies of God. Dogmas arose when Christianity had already been transformed into otherwise, when the priests had seized power. In this regard, the Church says today, and this so we can read again in the book ‘ the faith of the Iglesia: However, the task of explaining the word of God transmitted by via with compulsory oral or written, only you trusted to the Magisterium of the Church.



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