3.99 Percent In The ComfortCredit The VW Bank For New Customers

The Volkswagen Bank offers its ‘ComfortCredit TopZins’ to new customers until Apr to 31 with only 3.99%. “Kreditrechner.com informs: a look at the ComfortCredit TopZins who is looking for a soft alternative to the expensive overdraft in the account, should” the Volkswagen Bank take. This call credit is available for new customers, so customers who have taken any such credit claims within the last six months, Apr until December 31, 2010 for only 3.99%. The bound target interest rate is 3.92 percent per year. Volkswagen Bank is within the framework of this credit offer the borrowers a credit line of 5,000 euros at the disposal. The deployment as well as the accounting is free and there is also no fee. The duration of the call credit is unlimited and the monthly rate is 2.00% of the unused credit, but at least 50 euro.

It compares these conditions with those of most The advantage is quickly apparent disposition loans, that 10-12 interest per year in the average cost per cent. Only 2,000 euro recourse would the ComfortCredit TopZins provided the action interest permanently”save compared to a credit with 10% Apr of year counting 120.2 euro interest expense (” 79.8 euro interest rates at the ComfortCredit TopZins “against 200 euro interest rates at our approved credit). The ComfortCredit TopZins is also against the most installment loans”because his action interest applies to all borrowers, which the credit granted is unbeatably cheap. So he offered as an alternative to traditional installment loans with up to 5,000 euro credit, because of the “ComfortCredit TopZins” has a fixed amount of net loans in the amount of 5.000,-euro; Credit is provided.

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