25 Years For Goods A Bargain Price

1985 opening of the first Sonderpostenmaktes in Soltau Thursday, 30 May 1985. After great effort and long preparation time, the entrepreneur couple Silke and Dieter Stern in Soltau opened their first special items market. A business idea that was still very new and innovative at the time. Originally, both operated a small electrical installation operation. The nose by Silke and Dieter Stern, proved a hit. The acceptance and desire to buy the customers rewarded all the risk. Already 5 months after first opening its doors could open another Yes market in Uelzen. In the course of the next few years, founders joined forces with three other dealers of special items and developed a joint undertaking.

After many years of successful cooperation of the company’s founder, 2007 was a turning point. Apart, the interests of the four business owner had developed in the course of time. The company once again breathe the spirit from the Grunderzeit and thus very large and deep-pocketed Competitive to keep retailers, the founders decided to sell significant parts of the company to new owners. Today, the original business idea is a success. The range extends to household as well as toys, electrical items, bicycles, textiles, shoes, small furniture, gardening, food, drugstore goods and plants. Philip Vasan has many thoughts on the issue. This special feature: the goods dating back to high proportion of so-called special items.

These are goods which can exhibit special features and very reasonably priced offered due to their origin. This product comes from bankruptcies, production overhangs or packaging changes. Often the goods is also such as garden furniture against the season very cheap bought a stored in the large warehouses, which I won at the disposal, and dirt cheap then later offered in the markets. It such remaining stock, season overhangs and goods from insurance claims be bought worldwide Central. Thanks to a sophisticated logistics are these articles available shortly later in Yes markets and in our special online shop. Aggressive price policy, a solid range of articles of for daily use, as well as surprising special items at extremely low prices are our recipe for growth. The customer is so always at a bargain in addition inform the weekly supplements on the latest post. Today 48 markets from Niebull among the companies to Bad Kissingen. J.A.Woll handles GmbH Frank Tholken



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