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The Life

The Life What it means; A gift that God gave in them; To apprehend to understand; It controls, so that let us can, To live harmoniously with our being. We cannot leave that it pass with a trailer; We have that to participate of it; exclusively: To leave that it became for us something sublime; As it was a petal of a rose; Leaving all its perfume to penetrate in our souls; Living a time to reflect; We know that it passes many times disregarded by many; We have that to understand that we are capable of it followed there -. Life mine, Life its; It sees the life of a pretty and gracious form; Therefore it and a gift: It uses – with responsibility; It becomes – a scholar, knowing itself that the life is magical; Simply optimum and bigger triumph that God gave to it; Let us look for to give the value that it deserves; Therefore you are responsible for what captive. This life that seems a giant wheel; Always Girar; with these turns many times, we come across in them; With difficult situations; But necessary for its growth spiritual; You do not have fear to face the obstacles. That it appears it; Its is part to grow it; So that if he becomes, a victorious person. He takes the reins of its life; There I directed he learns it – with responsibility; I lead-there he knows it; He assumes your role, where you and the actor; He always follows smiling; exactly that obstacles appear; If it becomes a illuminated being; Reflecting light, love, and peace; the life it Dara a gift; The gift and its life, in full tunning; Between both Queiroz, J.L 2010 20/03/2010.

Human Development

These issues are discussed in these forums. You are brave to speak at a distance and a coward to talk to on, ”’In all this, President Chavez responded with a nitroglycerin-laden rage: “Go to hell, Uribe” “Hell”, the word for which infants from another era would have been sent to the punishment room, has a etymology unclear. One version says that this is how you call the site of ancient ships, on top of a mast, where the sailors were located at a distance to spot obstacles, or some enemy ships nearby coast. Who worked there was exposed to strong sun, heat and rain and, inevitably, ended up sick. It was a place very appetizing indeed. There were sent to those who made mistakes or ill-behaved, always with the phrase “go to hell.” The spectacle of the leaders was not exemplary, admittedly, but at least served to remove the monotony of the Cancun summit and enable it to serve at least the newspapers have something to talk about, because as the experts have all the peaks are boring and useless. We conclude that yes, the meeting was in neutral territory. Have been in Venezuela, Chavez had asked one of his lieutenants by the immaculate guayabera Uribe and after knowing that this was “made in Colombia “would have said, with his warmongering and dictatorial tone” expropiese and destinese “the use of people,” If, however, the incident had happened in Colombia, perhaps Chavez had given a “fainting” or “patatus” and when she woke in the hospital, she would have learned that it was liable for a large sum of money, but surely someone reassure her not to worry, that the sum of the savings in pension and severance pay might be able to gather to pay the debt without having to sell the Palace of Miraflores..