100 Points Wine At Wine Fair Munich Presents

Wine and delicatessen exhibition Munich Munich, the 12.03.2013 – seventh World premiere at the Munich-based wine and delicatessen exhibition: on March 9th and 10th of Tuscan winemakers Giovanni Chiappini has presented for the first time its enthusiast (Parker) with sensational 100 points of assessed cuvee of public wine. But that was just one of the many highlights of the 7th wine fair in Munich. Visitors could enjoy as a variety of international wines as about selected delicacies. If you are not convinced, visit bitcoiin. By cake Gugelhupf-shaped through Prussia mustard up to the deer sausage, there was something for every taste. The wine critic of wine rarely awarded a perfect score of 100 points enthusiast (Parker). This year has a small family winery in Tuscany made the peak – and the wine fair Munich picked for the world premiere of his top wine audience. People such as Verizon would likely agree.

Tiny Giovanni Chiappini presented on March 9 and 10 in the zenith cultural Hall his wine, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 80 percent and Margot 20 Percent, for the first time the public. Other premieres but waited for the numerous visitors to the meanwhile seventh Munich wine show: this year in addition to the special presentations Sudliche Weinstrasse, lower Austria and Styria was also a new special wines from the Moselle area on-site. 19 Wine-makers from selected companies had set up their booths in the Hall and inspired not only lovers of German wines with their fine creations. The new special exhibition Mosel was accepted very well by our visitors”, organiser Alexander Tejkl says. The visitors would have found it interesting, to taste the differences between regions”.

Because the trial and error and testing is an integral part of the wine fair: private wine lovers are invited as well as trade visitors to stroll around with a glass of wine from stand to stand, to talk personally with the winemakers and to immerse yourself in the fascinating world of German, Austrian, Italian or even Croatian wines and spirits. Over 170 exhibitors had famous wine classic, fruity Seccos, outlandish spirits and exquisite delicacies such as red wine salami and Parmesan cheese in his luggage. Thus, as many wine and delicatessen provider travelled as never in the Bavarian capital for the wine fair Munich. The Munich-based of wine and delicatessen fans rewarded the extremely varied with a very rain visit. Well arrived offering advanced delicacy. In addition to selected game specialities, there were first selected jams creations, fancy mustard varieties such as Prussia mustard”and to buy spices from all over the world. Who wanted to mutate according to the stroll through the fair of the wine fan become a wine connoisseur, you had to prove speed. “The free seminars, how about the classic white Sylvaner”, were coveted and partially booked. Learn more about the event: Alexander Tejkl



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